March 2008 Entries

MIX08 - Robert Scoble, Facebook and more
My last video of the Ch8 @ MIX08 mini series is now posted, check it out [click on the title] Ch8 @ MIX08 - Day 3 - Robert Scoble, Facebook and more.. This is the last video of the CH8 @ MIX08 series - Day 3 Interviews, I got a chance to talk to some amazing people. I hope you enjoyed the little mini series, and seen the bonus interviews of geekSpeak and theCodeTrip bus. Here is who I talked to on the 3rd day at MIX08: @ Web 2.0 sustainability & biz models panel: Dave McClure - Talks about careers ......

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BarCampOrlando is coming up April 5 and 6th
BarCamp Orlando- April 5 and 6th Event is now 2 days - one is Developer Day and one is New Media I will try to attend both days, you will see me at the first day for sure. I missed the last one and heard nothing but great things about it. ......

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Tampa Software Architect's group - IASA : "My 10 Years In Identity"
IASA Tampa - March 2008 Meeting Topic: My 10 Years In Identity – A Veteran’s Experience Succeeding With Identity Management Speaker: Mark Willoughby, Product Marketing Manager, CISSP, Symplified, Inc. Date: Thursday, March 27, 2008 Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm Location: Microsoft Corporation Street: 3000 Bayport Drive, Suite 480 City/Town: Tampa, FL Please RSVP, if you could be so nice, here is a link to the event on facebook: You should also join our facebook ......

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MIX08 Report Video Day 1 & 2 Interviews posted
I just posted the Day 1 and 2 Interviews. Click here: Ch8 @ MIX08 - Interviews Day 1 & 2 Here is some of the coverage I did at Mix for you guys. See the first two days at MIX08 through student eyes. I had a great experience and I hope you enjoy it. Dan Waters, ADE - says good morning Following people give advise to students: Day 1: Jim Duffy, Rob Zelt, ASP.NET MVP Miguel de Icaza, MONO Project Infragistics crew Day 2: Andrew Flick , infragistics, past MS Student Ambassador PIXEL8 ......

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I asked Steve Ballmer questions @ MIX08
no really. I did. Go to 0:58 of the 2nd MIX08 keynote to see me ask the question and see Steve's response: [Update: A fellow Ch8er - Ivana Tilca - has excert of the video with my question here. ] Ch8 got up a post about me regarding this: So, yes, I was the student at MIX08 at second keynote with Steve Baller and Guy Kawasaki that asked Steve about they future efforts in academia and ......

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MIX08 Day 1 Report Video
I have my first ever video up. It's a report from Day 1 at MIX08 conference. This is a student take on MIX08 conference. More MIX08 content to come soon. Watch it on Ch8 here: ......

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MIX08 - On my way

In a few hours I will be flying out to MIX08

If you are going, you can find me on - Nikita Polyakov - and we can surely meet up.

There will be daily reports posted on Ch8.


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