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UPDATE: There has been an updated version posted which resolves the Rules editing problem mentioned below.  Way to go TFS team!

A TFS 1010 Beta 2 version of the TFS Power tools has been released as announced by Brian Harry.

I've been trying out the Process Template Editor (PTE) and have had some issues with this Beta release.

First, the connection dialogue when working with Work Items doesn’t quite function correctly.  The work around is to type in the fully qualified URL to the Team Project Collection rather than using the URL builder fields:


The other problem that I’ve found is that you cannot add New rules to a Field.  You can view existing rules on Fields but cannot add a new one.  The only way I’ve found to get around this is to add the rules to the XML document directly after setting up the fields.  This also applies to any field rules in the workflow of the Work Item.

Call to Action:

Get the tools at the Visual Studio Gallery (the new downloads location for the Power Tools):

Log any issues you find to the Connect site:

Kudos to the TFS team in getting these tools out to the community during this Beta period.

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