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It's hard to believe that we started this class a month ago and we are moving along to finish the C# learning before we begin our adventure to learning XNA.

Students are programming assignments utilizing the if statement.  We reviewed the switch statement and how that is used as well.

In addition, we covered webcast 3 overview of Game Elements that Digipen has available.

This webcasts covers graphics, input, sounds and networks. My students only have time to program 2d games in XNA but I wanted to review 3d as well with them.

Next week we cover loops and we are a couple of weeks away from learning XNA. I do have one student who I predicted would complete all assignments  and start on XNA early. I had him review the introduction to XNA that Russ Fustino from Microsoft did with MVP Bill Reiss.

He will then review the XNA introduction that Dave Mitchell and Chris Satchell did which is very good. You can get a glimpse of the Dr. Popper game that Bill Reiss created as well.

All in all, we are moving forward in our learning and anxious to start programming xbox games.


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