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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer

Five years ago is when our school had the first Tech Night. It seems like yesterday. Tech night was sponsored by the US Computer Science Department and it was a night to discuss technology.

Microsoft has always sponsored the event and sent lots of swag to give out to students and family. An XBOX was donated and given out as a door prize.

This year we have scheduled our Tech night for Thursday, January 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on our campus in Orlando, FL.

The speakers will include:

Dan Waters from Microsoft Corporation and he'll talk about the tablet pc and

OneNote Software.

Andrea Barr from Apple Computer will talk about Podcasting and cool things you can do as a student with Apple products.

Richard Connor from Laptops Plus will talk about viruses and why you need to have a firewall on your computer.

Etan Horowitz from the Orlando Sentinel will talk about student tech tips.

Tech night has always been very successful at our school and I encourage you to have one at your local high school. If you are working in industry contact your local high school to do this.

Here's what a parent has to say about tech night.

Congratulations on putting a great Tech Night again for this year. I just wanted to say Thank You for doing a tremendous job for keeping the kids (and as well as parents) abreast with new and emerging technology.

A student wrote me and said this:

"I learned a lot from Tech Night and I am really glad I went because it made me more interested in computers and the way video games are made. Next time I crush a football player in Madden 2007, I will thank the programmers who set up that vertical line."


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