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Brian Scarbeau Insights from a seasoned Computer Science Trainer April 2007 Entries
First look at Professional XNA Game Programming Book by Benjamin Nitschke
After waiting several months now, I finally got my hands on this new book. The author has a nice blog on game development and he has created a series of videos on game development in directx where he created the rocket commander game. I'm hoping that Benjamin can create the videos on how he created the rocket commander game with XNA. One bonus for this book is that it's not just about coding games using XNA. The author adds input to his own experiences on creating games and emphasizes making a plan ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 25, 2007 11:37 AM

Using Windows Live Writer
My last post was created with Live Writer. Usually, I'd login and create my blog online but using this software was a new experience. First off, it was easy to create my weblog settings and no sooner do I save my post, I click Publish and voila it's already sent to the geekswithblogs site. I haven't used the photo or map publishing yet but they look easy to use as well. I'm not a hard core blogger but for my needs this fits the bill. Technorati tags: Live Writer ......

Posted On Thursday, April 19, 2007 2:12 PM

Working with moodle
For the past three months, I've been working with an open source course online management system called moodle. Moodle is free and has many features such as: Forums Content managing (resources) Quizzes with different kinds of questions Blogs Wikis Database activities Surveys Chat Glossaries Peer assessment Multi-language support (over 60 languages are supported for the interface Moodle has gained in popularity amongst educators and the statistics have proven that with a user base of 18,204 registered ......

Posted On Thursday, April 19, 2007 1:48 PM

So, what is Alice anyways?
Alice is a modern programming environment designed to be a student's first exposure to object-oriented programming. It allows students to learn basic computer science while creating animated movies, simple video games, where students control the behavior of 3D objects and characters in a virtual world. Although computer programming has existed in its modern form for half a century, it still eludes all but a small fraction of society. While programming is an inherently difficult activity, there are ......

Posted On Tuesday, April 17, 2007 6:03 PM

Alice Summer Workshops
Barbara Conover asked me to announce this workshop on my blog so here goes: Summer 2007 Workshops . Learning to Program with Alice . Alice and Media Computation Registration Deadline: May 1, 2007 (The workshops are free!) Led by the experts: Dr. Stephen Cooper, Saint Joseph's University Dr. Wanda Dann, Ithaca College And funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, these workshops are designed and particularly appropriate for instructors wishing to: Decrease the attrition among computer ......

Posted On Tuesday, April 17, 2007 1:32 PM

What to teach after the AP Computer Science Exam?
There is always some time left after the AP exam to teach our students more before we leave them for the summer. In Florida, we have a couple of weeks to learn more and if you’re from different parts of the country you may have even more time to teach students something new. I am really sold on having students learn about creating games so that’s what I’ll be doing with my students. There are several options available for you to do with your students and several languages to use as well. If you want ......

Posted On Thursday, April 12, 2007 7:34 AM

Interesting facts about gaming
In preparation for the gaming course that I'll be teaching next school year, I came across these interesting facts about the industry that is put out by the Entertainment Software Association: TOP 10 INDUSTRY FACTS US computer and video game software sales grew six percent in 2006 to $7.4 billion – almost tripling industry software sales since 1996. Sixty-nine percent of American heads of households play computer and video games. The average game player is 33 years old and has been playing games ......

Posted On Wednesday, April 11, 2007 9:50 AM

Calling all XNA developers!
I'm putting together a course for my advanced programming students and could use some help. My goal is to teach my students C# and then how to program a windows game and finally an xbox game using 2d. Hopefully, all students can complete their game and then deploy on an xbox. I have 18 weeks to do this. Any input you can give me that would help high school computer science students be successful in this course is appreciated. ps I have looked at a majority of tutorials that are online including a ......

Posted On Saturday, April 7, 2007 10:31 AM

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