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At this week's Virtual Brown Bag meeting:

  • Claudio alerted us to his blog post "You Have Been Deleted!", expounding on our DDD/CQRS discussion from a couple of weeks ago
  • Mark talked about / demoed Rhino Mocks
  • George told us about an Hg (Mercurial) / Git syntax comparison cheatsheet, and the Hg-Git plugin
  • Mark hipped us to

For detailed notes, links, and the video recording, go to the VBB wiki page:

I'm trying out a new style for the wiki meeting notes pages. The video recordings are now embedded in the wiki, with bookmarks to specific topics in the video, and the notes are in a scrolling div below so you can more easily see the video and the notes together:


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Cool!! Thanks again for the work you're doing there.
Left by Claudio Lassala on Nov 20, 2010 12:01 PM

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