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I'm really looking forward to the second edition of Jon Skeet's C# in Depth book, which should be printed in September.

I took advantage of this "SkeetTweet" from yesterday:

45% off C# in Depth 2nd edition ( - use coupon msa1145 at checkout. Valid until August 17th.

…to pre-order the printed book, plus "Manning Early Access Program" access to PDFs of chapters from the work-in-progress, plus a PDF copy of the complete first edition, all for just about 32 bucks!

(If you're not already, I strongly suggest that you follow @ManningBooks on Twitter. They're putting out the best development books, in my opinion, and they announce discount codes every day.)


Here's my review from last September of the first edition of the book…

C# in Depth is not for beginners. It assumes a working knowledge of C# 1.0, and is not so much a tutorial of C# 2 and 3 features as an in-depth examination of how and why they work.

I don’t think I learned anything I didn’t know about using generics, extension methods, delegates, anonymous methods and lambdas, but Skeet does a great job of zooming in on the inner workings of each of these features, building up to the big picture of how they all snap together to make the game-changing programming paradigm that is LINQ. It’s like a DVD of your favorite movie with behind-the-scenes features that show how the cool special effects were created.

When he says “in depth”, he’s not kidding. After re-emerging from the Marianas Trench level examination of expression trees to the C# surface level discussion of LINQ, I got a case of “the bends”.

The book reminds me of Silverlight “Deep Zoom”. As we zoom in and out between high-level syntax descriptions to low-level minutiae, everything is always kept in sharp focus, thanks to the considerable skills of the author.

I understand Jon Skeet is hard at work on updates to the book for C#4. When that comes out, I wish there would be a free upgrade to the book that I could download (I don’t think that’s going to happen ;) ), but that’s one book that I’m sure will be well worth the price.

If you’re serious about C#, “C# in Depth” is a must-read.

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