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Scott Hanselman is on a mission to raise $50,000 dollars for the ADA Diabetes Walk 2010. $30,000 has been raised so far. He needs our help to raise the remaining $20,000.

Professional ASP.NET

Are you a "Hanselfan"? If you:

  • have been entertained and educated by the Hanselminutes podcast
  • have a well-thumbed copy of "Professional ASP.NET" on your desk (heck, you could use the dang thing for a desk, it's so huge) ==>
    or have read one of Scott's other books
  • have learned about a cool tool from Scott's Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List (The first time I saw the list, my reaction sounded something like this…
  • have complained about @shanselman's voluminous tweets capsizing your Tweetdeck, like this loser did...
  • learned ASP.NET MVC from the NerdDinner tutorial
  • are a Nerd
  • eat Dinner
  • drive a car or motorcycle
  • are named Scott (and it seems like there are a preponderance of them in the .NET world for some reason - You can't swing a dead cat at a developer conference without hitting a Scott… or a Venkat, which I believe is the Indian version of "Scott")
  • are a blogger who is telling others to donate

…or just want to help out a worthy cause, please consider donating.

Perhaps this video about Scott's life with diabetes will convince you.

"Hi, this is Scott Hanselman coming to you from another place and time. If you make a donation, I'll come to your mom's house and fix her PC!"*

*offer void in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and parts of Antarctica

Seriously... DONATE!


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Comments on this post: Are you a "Hanselfan"? Help Hanselman fight diabetes

# re: Are you a "Hanselfan"? Help Hanselman fight diabetes
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LOL! Thanks! And you know I started adding "devs:" to my tweets, you big complainer!
Left by Scott Hanselman on Jul 08, 2010 11:49 PM

# re: Are you a "Hanselfan"? Help Hanselman fight diabetes
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A comment from the HanselMAN himself! I'm not worthy!
Left by Brian Schroer on Jul 09, 2010 7:21 AM

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