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Last week I finally received my new phone, which I shall give the as-of-yet unclaimed designation:  Brandonphone.  Or not.

Anyway, my Treo 600 is gone, handed down to my sister who recently joined the Sprint family J  Replacing it is the new Sprint/Audiovox PPC-6601, pictured here:

It’s gorgeous.  It’s fast.  It’s phenomenal.  So far I’ve purchased MS Voice Command 1.5 and Spb Pocket Plus for it, both of which I recommend to any Pocket PC user.  The Windows Mobile 2003SE Phone Edition OS is well thought-out and the build-quality and battery life of the phone are excellent.  I hope we get Windows Media Player 10 for it soon, as well as a Windows Mobile 2005 upgrade when it is finished.  The upgrades to the alert system in 2005 (SMS, voicemail, BT, etc.) looks promising, as that’s the only somewhat cumbersome part of the current OS, for me at least.

Hardware-wise, the only things it lacks are: a VGA screen, and a standard headphone jack (it instead has the same phone-standard hands-free jack as the Treo). 

Both of those I can easily live without.  Oh yeah, and no camera.  The upcoming 6600 variation will have one, but I don’t think I’ll miss it.  What the Treo 600 called a camera is an insult to even other cellphone cameras.  Instead of “my pictures,” they should have called it “My dark splotches of slightly less dark that may or may not vaguely resemble something.”

Right now I don’t have a news aggregator on it.  Anyone have any recommendations?  Right now I use Newsgator at home and on my laptop.  I have the NewsGator Web Edition in my favorites on the phone, which is nice because it’s kept in sync with Newsgator on all of my other computers.  However, I’ve heard so much about Onfolio for the PC, that I might give that a try.  And I’ve also started reading a lot at my desk using Desktop Sidebar.  And when I do that, Newsgator doesn’t know what I’ve read.  So I have some things to work out there… comments are encouraged.

Speaking of web, browsing is a far better experience than with the Treo.  It’s just faster and more robust.  While at the store the other day I actually connected to my bank’s web site, logged in, and checked my account balance – my Treo would give me an error if I tried to do that (after about a minute of loading).  The Bluetooth connection works flawlessly for sync’ing, using my Belkin headset, and for using the phone as a Dial-Up Networking “modem” for my new Car PC and my tablet (after a simple patch to the Bluetooth stack).  Now I just need to figure out if I can get Bluetooth *inside* my M200 (instead of having to use a USB or SD adapter).

“Wait… Car PC?” I hear you saying.  Well, what did you think would be in Part 2 J


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