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Last week was quite the week for new things, an internet of things maybe even. We had lots of announcements and great new stuff coming out of the Microsoft foundry. Everything from Universal apps to run on phone and windows form factors, to a new Azure Portal that gives you detailed analytics of how your site is running. I was struck by the quantity and the quality of what they are bringing to the table to make it easier for us dev’s to do our jobs. There is plenty there to talk about, and the challenge is where to start? They say that the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, so we might as well just dig in.

For this post I’m going to cover one addition to Azure and the Visual Studio tools that caught my interest, specifically around a topic that I’ve been meaning to learn, PowerShell. Here is a great and powerful technology that enables us to be able to script things to do deployments, fix issues and automate common tasks to make it easier to hand off a deliverable. But taking the time to learn another technology, a scripting language, a syntax and all the grammar around it means a time commitment.

In VS2013 Update 2 when you do a publish of something Azure instead of simply executing it, we now capture the steps as a script that we can save and hand off to deployment. Not only that, but Visual Studio now also includes an editor that has syntax highlighting and IntelliSense!


Learning new technologies is always fun, but this is getting pretty darn easy too.



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