May 2016 Entries

After deliberating forever I finally purchased a big(ish) 4k TV, a Samsung UE55JU6800.


1. Sky+ HD Box –> HDMI –> TV

2. Sky+ HD Box –> Optical Sound –> Surround Sound

3. Surround Sound –> HDMI (ARC) –> TV

4. Sky remote synced with TV using 4 digit code.

With my old TV, when everything was off, all I had to do was turn on the Sky box using the Sky remote and the TV and sound would start automatically. Perfect.

But to my surprise my new TV refused to start my surround sound even though it was wired the same as my old system!

It was clearly connected correctly as, if I manually started my surround sound, the volume would work (using the Sky remote) and it would turn off the external device when the TV was turned off.

After much searching, the internet was no help. Many people suggested it was not possible to turn the external sound on, or some that I had to change the cable or Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) settings.

However, if I specifically selected the option on the TV settings: Sound –> Speaker List –> Receiver (HDMI), the TV would start the surround sound correctly…so it was possible, but it seamed the TV would forget the sound setting next time it was switched on.

Anyway, I had pretty much given up when I noticed my daughter was watching TV with the surround sound on. I asked how she had done it and she said she just turned it on as normal. When I asked her to show me, she first pressed TV on the Sky remote and then the on button and then the Sky button…and it worked.



If you turn the Sky box on, the TV starts but it DOES NOT respect the Speaker List setting.

If you turn the TV on, then the Sky box, the TV starts and DOES respect the Speaker List setting.