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There was a break-in at our company the other night. We had some nice products on visible display through the front door in our office's small reception area that evidently made for an easy target of a smash and grab operation. The entire caper was recorded on our internal security video system. The perpetrators (one inside taking things to the door, the other just outside receiving) broke the glass out of the front door and proceeded to carried out the items on display.

At one point during the ~1 minute heist, the thief looked into the conference room just off the reception area near the front door and noticed an LCD projector on the table. He quickly ran into the conference room, grabbed the projector, and dragged it from the building by its cabling.


The buzz in the office the next morning was mainly around the fact that our really crappy LCD projector was now gone and that we finally had the necessary justification to purchase a new projector actually good at, you know, projecting video images and displaying visual information.

Thanks, degenerate criminals!

Posted on Friday, April 18, 2008 7:38 AM Misc | Back to top

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