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I just finished reading my first Neal Stephenson book - Cryptonomicon. That is one awesome novel! I'm blown away by the complexity of Stephenson's writing. I really connected with the great characters in the story. The connection was so great that I picked up a copy of Quicksilver, the follow-up to Cryptonomicon, at the local B&N this afternoon; and I'm trying to convince my wife to go along with the idea of changing my one week old son's name from Grant Thomas to Bobby Shaftoe ;-) Posted on Friday, February 24, 2006 9:05 PM Misc | Back to top

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I totally agree! I loved that book. If you haven't already, make sure you read his other classics, Snow Crash and The Diamond Age.

I'm just reading Quicksilver right now. I put it off for a while because I'm not much of a fan of historical novels. The Difference Engine by William Gibson changed my mind on that front though :).
Left by Jason Olson on Feb 25, 2006 11:29 AM

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I would agree with the other comments. You should read his older stuff first. He has some really great works. "In the Beginning was the command line" is a great article / paper to give to all your friends. Then check out his new stuff.

Left by Jim on Feb 26, 2006 9:30 PM

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