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Blake Caraway February 2006 Entries
New Neal Stephenson Fan
I just finished reading my first Neal Stephenson book - Cryptonomicon. That is one awesome novel! I'm blown away by the complexity of Stephenson's writing. I really connected with the great characters in the story. The connection was so great that I picked up a copy of Quicksilver, the follow-up to Cryptonomicon, at the local B&N this afternoon; and I'm trying to convince my wife to go along with the idea of changing my one week old son's name from Grant Thomas to Bobby Shaftoe ;-) ......

Posted On Friday, February 24, 2006 9:05 PM

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory...of TDD
I'm currently working on a smart client project at work. For the past year I've been learning about Agile software development, especially the topic and practice of Test Driven Development. This smart client project is my first real chance to put many of these newfangled ideas into action. Seek The Green On this project we are using the MVP pattern for the client-side development out of a desire to make the main application logic as testable as possible. With this in mind I started out my feature ......

Posted On Wednesday, February 22, 2006 8:16 AM

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