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Google Maps has finally done the street level maps in Wichita. This is fairly impressive since they haven't even bothered to chart Seattle.

One of the funny things is the outcry that it is "invading people's privacy". A woman on the news was upset because it showed her kids in the pool in front of her house. She said that it will make her a target for predators. Of course, being on the local TV news would have more of an effect, I would think.

And the local paper took note of all of the cars in the local tittie bar parking lot. Too bad they couldn't have gotten pictures of license plates, which is a favorite pastime of snapping photogs around here, who take a pic of the license tag, look up the tags and e-mail a "shame on you" postcard to the car owner's house.

Google has gone through the images and blurred out people's faces and license plates, like this:

This must have been some technological feat to blur out faces and license plates, especially since it is one frame about every 10-20 feet on some streets.

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