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For the last six weeks I have been working on a Master of Orion clone called Sovereign - all in XNA.

Main screen

Intro screen

Menu screen

Planet info screen

All of these graphics were created with Paint.Net. All graphics, such as the logo, menu screen background, and planets, were created from tutorials on the Paint.Net forums.



    Current Features:
  • Intro screen has a gear animation that moves across the screen, cracks like an egg, and an Appsguild logo flies out, complete with Fade.
  • Menu screen has a menu manager
  • Main screen has planets that are dynamically loaded from an XML file.
  • When right clicking on planets, a planet info screen appears with an enlarged graphic and planet info numbers

Download my current code from:

Still alot of work to go. I used example code for Fade and Screen Manager from George Clingerman's XNA Development, and some Screen Manager ideas from Domination for Xbox 360 by Focused Games.

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