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I continue my quest in pursuit of Lean/Agile Software methods. We are using Lean/Agile with the RUP methodology.

I can see how Lean can be appealing since many organizations, especially manufacturing organizations, have experience with Lean methods in manufacturing.

Historically, I have mainly seen Agile methods work well only in small teams. And the "Skunkworks" team in a big organization seems to work best.

This brings up an interesting point. I have several of Scott Ambler's books. In several places he states the opinion that being Agile is "all or nothing", that you are not truly agile unless you do it all the way. Just adopting a few Agile techniques does not make you Agile. And I can see why so many people use Agile to justify their utter chaos. But I think that no one adopts a methodology all at once, and often a methodology is tried out as a prototype example before it is disseminated to the rest of the company. I have previously adopted subsets of Agile methods, especially modeling artifacts over documentation, to slowly subvert the old system and add Agile processes into daily life, to much success.

What do you think?

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