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Over the past eight years I have been trying to make the switch to Apple from a PC for knowledge and education. I still feel Mac OS X is severely lacking when it comes to actual business or server computing needs, but as a home platform for base operations to the laymen it is a viable option. Recently I upgraded may Apple hardware to a new I 7 Macbook Pro from my Dual Core Mac mini. Boy has this turned out to be a less than just merely frustrating experience. For all the Apple fanatics who claim you spend the 500% more money for the Apple experience, I say your brainwashed and on crack. Here's why. My Macbook, while looking slick and comfortable to use, functions like a piece of garbage. Apple, InÊ their infinite wisdom has still not developed a satisfactory QA program. AS the responsible entity for the hardware and software, I find having hardware issues that are directly the cause of a firmware update as outrageous. The latest EFI firmware update has broken my ability to put the machine to sleep and recover it into service, as well causes a failure to boot from a complete shutdown 87% of the time. I called Apple support on this as after all I just recently spent $1600.00 on a laptop spec I could buy from anyone else for $399.00. Again,Ê if I am going to endorse or denounce a product, it will be from experience and not the pettiness associated with a brand simply because they align with my moral (or immoral) compass. Apple validated they are aware of the problem, and that they had no fix; that I would have to just wait. Now having been a PC guy for 30 years, I remember when the Apple fanatics would scream even though OEM's would not follow the program or SDK specifications for development, blaming Microsoft. I remember granola tree hugging junkies stating their morals as scientific fact about how apple's just work; and also touting how Mac OS X is impervious to viruses (completely false and inaccurate). Well, the systems are buggy as hell. Using native apps the Apple crashes more than my W7 PC's ever do....buggy support updates that break my system are allowed and offered up as par for the course, and the condition I am experiencing has been ongoing for at least 5 years if you search the Apple forums. Such a shame for some otherwise very nice hardware to use. Even the OS has improved greatly allowingÊ me to do some productivity (as long I supplement it with vitalization) to at least use it for my life and not just playing around. There, I said it and ranted from experience and disappointment. As a consumer I am outraged at spending so much money for a system that does not work as promised! Oh, and lets not forget I have to pay an extra 250 bucks for support beyond 90 days, thus adding to an otherwise overpriced option. Posted on Friday, September 30, 2011 4:24 PM Tech Talk | Back to top

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