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Forgive this interruption of the normal tech content presented here.  But there’s a dangerous man in my neighborhood, posing as a package delivery man, ringing doorbells, then pushing his way in, tying up whoever is there, and stealing their property as they watch.  One incident involved a 3-year old being present.

If you live in the West Village, please be vigilant.  The following is from Marilyn Dorato, president of the local block association:

From: Marilyn Dorato
Sent: Monday, November 02, 2009 8:52 PM
To: Marilyn Dorato
Subject: Home Invasions

Hi Everyone,

I met with DI Caroli of the 6th Precinct tonight.  There was another
home invasion this afternoon on West 12th Street.

But this time, they got him on video tape in the lobby and the doorman
did make a failed attempt to catch him. He went into the subway. DI
Caroli said that the quality of the tape is excellent and they will be
making a sketch based on this, but they know what he looks like.  He
believes that an arrest will be imminent.

The Waverly Inn is providing additional security for the block from
tomorrow night so we appreciate that.  The home invasions occurred in
the late afternoon and the degree of violence seems to have
escalated.  The last victim was threatened with a knife and was tied
up.  It's a middle aged Hispanic/White man.  The posters that are now
up are not officially released from the NYPD and we should be getting
a better one soon.

Thanks and as always, please alert your neighbors.  As of today, he is
not just targeting brownstones.


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