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Gotcha! You thought that was a typo, didn't you? I really intended to write "Days 4". I learned today that it's important to communicate your intent by naming your methods correctly. So I'm trying to express clearly in a fluent interface that this fourth session ended on a different day than it started.

If you didn't catch the typo, you're probably suffering the same sleep deprivation as I am.

Today was absolutely brutal. Let's just start by enumerating the intended agenda for todays:

  • ORM infrastructure
  • Query object
  • End-to-end functionality of our first three pages.

Things I understood today

Express the intent without revealing the mechanics. Make it work first, then make it as humanly readable as possible. Or maybe he said "Make it as readable as humanly possible"...

Hide infrastructure implementations behind an adapter to reduce the dependency to the implementation. As an example, we  watched JP switching from our own IoC implementation to Castle Windsor in just a few Jedi keystrokes.

Visual Studio is not as fast as JP. Thanks Microsoft. You bought us some nanoseconds of brain downtime.

Starting a nothin' but .net session feeling like a zombie is not a great idea.

Special events

We finally got to meet JP's family. The Boodhoo's visited us in the morning. When Erin and the four kids walked in, a sigh of relief was heard in the room. A different collective sigh was heard when they left. This means we have to go back to work. Groan...

The other half of the session

This is the part were the zombie in me turned into a ... well ... a worse zombie. I still seem to be able to find the keys on my keyboard, but that might just be muscle memory.

9:00 PM

"we've got a lot to cover tonight if we want to do anything meaningful tomorrow". The Refactorer from hell is at it again: "we'll get rid of this... get rid of this... and get rid of this... ok, what we're gonna do is this... I'm gonna change this to what it was ...and all I'm gonna do is this...or actually, you know what, I'm gonna do this...". I'm lost in the details right now. I understand the small designs, but the way the parts are interacting is starting to escape me.

11:00 PM

Eyelids are starting to get heavy. We go out to get some red bull to get us trough the night. "Ok, so we've still got a lot to do, so...". And he's at it again.


I'm trying to grasp what JP's telling by osmosis now. The individual words make sense. Some sentences are passably understandable. But the whole is like an alphabet soup that looks great, but the ingredients are unclear. I try to get a spoonful of it, but someone keeps stirring it madly. (How bad can a metaphor get?)

1:00 AM

Wake up time. We're divided into teams to implement what's left to get those damn three pages working end-to-end. We try to do this the agile way. We all stand around the flip chart. Divide the work in user stories. Then assign tasks to each story. We divide the work in one last coding frenzy before we can go to bed. Everyone's awake again and giving it his best shot. Damn this team is good. Maybe we should get together and start our own ninja company.

3:50 AM

Victory! Mission complete! We finished what we intended to do today. We got it to work end-to-end. Good teamwork guys. Go to sleep now. Tomorrow will be the longest day of this bootcamp.

4:50 AM

JP is still performing his art relentlessly.


Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. - Arthur Schopenhauer

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