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August 2013 Entries

When I start a new project for a small tool I sprinkle throughout my code some Console.WriteLine calls to see what is going on and to report errors. I am quite sure that 99% of all developers work this way except for the TDD elite which do start with a MEF container and injectable tracer and logger interfaces right from the beginning. When the tool proves to be useful it is extended a little bit here and there and other people start using it. Perhaps it is used in a script or it is put in an Run ......

Recently I have looked at the system startup time of my PC which does have a quite high boot time. Luckily WPR from the Windows Performance Toolkit does allow you to capture boot traces without much effort. You only need to select Boot as Performance scenario and the number of boots you want to perform to capture data. The default is three which I normally reduce to one because I have no regression test going on. Then you can easily check if a script of your administrators did take too long. Or if ......

With Windows 8.1 a new version of the Windows Performance Toolkit has been released. There are many improvements in the WPA gui which were mostly shown during the Build Conference 2013. It is interesting to check what has changed in xperf as well. I simply did call xperf –help for all command line options and write this to one text file. Then I can check the changes between WPA for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. xperf –help start or -SetProfInt [<n>] [cached] It seems that the profile interval ......