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I have found Bruce Dawson blog where he discusses the uses of Flame Graphs. Brendan Greg a Linux performance tool developer has created a nice perl script to render call stacks from a plain text file as a svg which can be viewed in all modern browsers. Bruce has used xperf with some undocumented switches to create a text extract of all call stacks. Then he used a python script to post process the generated file to make it compatible with the flamegraph perl script. I decided to make my own managed ......

With Enterprise Library 6.0 which does only target .NET 4.5 we also have the power of semantic logging at our hands. The term semantic means that you do not log text messages but structured data aka objects which define specific actions in your application like startup, save, … which can be later more easily be parsed from that event stream. To make parsing and correlating activities easier is a noble goal in itself but there is a much bigger advantage when you embrace semantic logging with Enterprise ......