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I was just thinking about how far things have moved on in the last five years….and in thinking I got to examine my own home network….

So my home network serves a number of purposes:

1. Providing access to the internet for all it’s users: me, my wife and daughter when at home from Uni, my other daughter when she calls (iPhone usage).

2. My network joins my gaming experience to the outside world

3. My net work streams music around the house

4. and streams video around the house

5. Provides centralised printing and storage

6. Allows my to home work on occasion

The latest version of my network is as follows:

The core:

BT Home Hub Version 2, Netgear Gigabyte hub, ASUS B204 eeeBox and a HP Media Server (San not Home media server)

The distribution:

1 x Apple TV downstairs – main video viewing

BT Vision, XBOX 360, Playstation 3

2 x Apple Airport Expresses downstairs streaming music – Wireless ‘N’ connected

2 x Netgear mains distribution plugs to take wired feed to upstairs

1 x Apple Airport Extreme providing upstairs wireless coverage

1 x Apple TV upstairs –late night video viewing

Canon Printer

I think I need to produce a network diagram for this lot!

How did we survive before!

Green point before I get the Green hit on me:

All stuff mentioned are connected via remote switchable sockets to allow me to kill power usage when not in use. IE upstairs sleeps when down stairs is in use!

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