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With the earlier announcement from the Connected Systems Division around the project codename 'OSLO' it became clear that Microsoft have a big focus on Modelling. At the time in November 2007 the hint was given that this would be supported by a modelling language. 

At last week’s Lang.Net 2008 conference at Microsoft's Redmond campus — Chief CSD God Don Box provided a few hints as to where Microsoft is going on the tool and platform front with Oslo. Don stated that said Microsoft wasn’t interested in creating an over engineered CASE type tool but more along the lines of providing a class designer for models. As Don said

putting more and more of your application into data and putting less in code.

So what name is the dev running under - well it seems its 'D'!

D is to be a key component of Microsoft’s Oslo software-oriented architecture (SOA) technology and strategy.

Microsoft have confirmed the existence of D, which they are describing as a “textual modeling language.

D will be a declarative language aimed at non-developers, and will be based on XAML following on from the success of WCF, WPF and Windows Foundation.

It also seems that D will be supported with a simple editing tool code-named "Intellipad" - some have described this as "EMACS.NET".

So when will we see 'D' and other bits of 'OSLO' ? - Well my vote is with the smart money - PDC 2008!!

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