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In the continuing fun of living with BT Vision I thought it might be fun to give it some 'A' Level results as it's that time of year.

BT Vision Basic :

Customer Service: B

Equipment: A

Content: B

Quality of Picture: A

Overall: A

BT Vision Sports:

Customer Service A

Equipment: C

Content: D

Overall: D


So why the downer on BT Vision Sport?

Simple, the adverts start the process by being misleading. To get live Football (Soccer) you need to sign up to Setanta Sports 'package'. This is advertised as a number of channels including Liverpool TV, Celtic TV ect. Price for this is £9.99.

On top you can have delayed matches for £4:00 (get them together for £12:00). So far so good.

The reality is a little different....

Setanta 'package' is only the main freeview channel not the complete package. The delayed matches aren't all the matches - it appears that the ones shown by Sky aren't available and only selected Setanta shown ones my or may not be available.

Result: No Liverpool TV , Celtic Tv et al. Coverage of matches even delayed is not full or particularly clear!

So with this result I have cancelled BT Vision Sport. The A for customer service came about as the excellent guy I spoke to refunded all monies spent on discovering this. So my £12 for subscription and £10 for the card.


What I have discovered is Setanta Broadband! £7.99 and all programs -hopefully.

And as a Liverpool Fan - £39.99 for a years e-season ticket - Liverpool TV , delayed matches and live commentary on all Liverpool games.


Come on BT get it right!!!

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I have had a look at BT vision myself, and I think I will be sticking with Virgin Media, at leas untill I see what MSTV is like!
Left by Martin Hinshelwood on Aug 18, 2007 11:45 PM

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