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Having moved away from an IPod to a Zune for my portable music source and having also discovered the joys of the Itunes US store for TV shows - downloading all the latest shows to my IPod for viewing  I sort of hit a strange state of needing both.

Now the interesting point here is that I live in the UK and yet I'm still able to download from the US store! (For info on that little trick go to Using US ITunes store in UK)

The content I download is various TV shows - Lost, Heros, Jericho, 24 - and of varying quality but all watchable from my ipod via a component cable.  Easy to do but not very user friendly. And then came Apple TV!!!

I must be one of the few people in the UK to purchase one as there's no content yey in the UK. In use the system is easy....


Apple TV puts your iTunes library — including music, music videos and podcasts — plus movie trailers from on your TV. And your digital photos from iPhoto on a Mac or Adobe Photoshop Elements or Adobe Album on a Windows PC appear in high definition, so you can put on a stunning big-screen slideshow. it's as simple as that!!

Using the HDMI connector I have wired it up to my Sony 32'' LCD screen and the result is great. It runs in two modes in our house:-

  • Synched - content is store on the boxes 40 gig hard drive
  • Streaming from one of 5 iTunes libraries around the home network.

Using the cut down OS X interface is a dream and the result is a happy family watching various TV shows.

  • The downside? Well it's not HD. But then maybe the next one will be....

A must for gadgeteers that can think out of the box!

Posted on Sunday, April 29, 2007 4:52 PM Life | Back to top

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