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Anyone who has used BizTalk 2004 and its orchestrations will know that parallel activities spawn multiple threads. You can see this clear in the various activitiy I was wondering if WWF does it the same way - will apprently not. As the Work flow runtime is responsible for starting the threads (it uses one of the CLR threads)  its DefaultThreadingService thread is used. The runtime scheduler, instead, schedules execution of all activities and not each parallel branch of the parallel activity. now my thought is this wont be on separate or multiple threads. My thinking has been confirmed by Jon Flanders of the WWF team (see,guid,71130a01-f5a3-49f5-a95c-28f3f1738fdd.aspx) it seems each 1st activity in each brsanch is executed and then on to the second activities and so on.

So I left wondering how performant will multie branch parallelism is going to be...ah well though for another day.

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you comment that BizTalk 2004 "parallel activities spawn multiple threads".
I'm afraid this is not correct. Parallel actions does not involve multi-thread. The Parallel shape exist to make actions independant each other. This is specially interesting in Send and Receive shapes (shapes related to messaging). But, at runtime, they are not executed in a multi-thread fashion. In fact, using parallel actions as multi-thread can have an important performance degradation.
I'll give you more details as soon as I'm able to connect to my corpnet.

Left by David Hurtado on Sep 27, 2005 8:16 AM

# re: Thoughts on Workflow Parallel processing
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Thanks for putting me right - its so very easy to get caught up in these 'brain wanderings'!
Left by Andy James on Sep 27, 2005 7:03 PM

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