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This is a recurring theme from a number of PDC 05 attendees. I think the answer is two fold :

The first one can be found at :

The second is that vNext BizTalk 2004 must be a different beast offering more on top of what now is offered. The designers must be made more friendly (anyone who attended the BizTalk 2004 futres will have seen a glimpse of that), the toolset be increased and the adapter offerings increased. I can see BizTalk 2004 being less engine and more toolset. Hopefully it will just get better, some pointers such as the engine/servers in the RFID offering could maybe be added in as well. Lets hope its all of these.

What I think is true is that the future is looking more and more demanding!!

Must go and rest my head after all this content...


Posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 9:01 AM BizTalk 2009 , PDC | Back to top

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