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Have a look at this it makes intresting reading....

To quote the article:

"Discovery is one of the most important features required by all SOA based technologies. In the Web Services environments there are several technologies to provide discovery support like: WSIL, WS-Discovery and, one of the most popular, UDDI. UDDI is typically associated with Web Services; however its data model permits to represent almost any kind of information. Some technology providers uses UDDI to, for example, discover CORBA objects among other potentialities. However is a fact that the UDDI data model is very flexible to represent SOA based concepts.

The benefits of add discovery potentialities to BizTalk 2004 Server 2004 are obvious. Using UDDI publish BizTalk 2004 elements like orchestrations, Ports, Messages among others so it can be discovered dynamically by client applications. Also adds powerful categorization and interoperability features to BizTalk 2004 Server 2004. Well, if I continue explaining you the benefits of integrating UDDI and BizTalk 2004 I can’t write the conclusions of this article, I think that we better continue with an overview of UDDI."

Posted on Saturday, May 14, 2005 8:54 AM BizTalk 2009 , Architecture , .Net | Back to top

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