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If you are running a business and your business still does not have a mobile app then you need to get one fast. Nowadays having an online presence through website is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile devices. That means smartphone apps have become highly important marketing tool for small as well as large businesses. Usage of smartphones has been increasing rapidly over last few years. It has reached such a high level that now nearly 3/4th of people in US check their mobile phones at least once per hour and almost 90% i.e most of that time is now spent on mobile apps. Study says, Americans now spend more time on using the mobile phones than watching television which is a significant change for marketers and businesses.
Now more businesses look to hire mobile developers to develop their mobile app as this rapid rise in mobile phone usage leads to the mobile app becoming an important marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Mobile apps increase engagement with the customers. They encourage repeat visits and allow many types of online transactions including the usage of loyalty cards, push notifications  and ecommerce transactions.

Hence mobile apps enhance sales and build good relationship with your customers. Smartphone apps build brands as customers can recognize your app icon among many others. Now we will discuss about top reasons why your business needs a mobile app.
  • Increase Visibility to Clients at All Times:  You ask any Mobile Application Developer and they can tell you how much they are in demand. In US, the time spent by an average person on mobile phone daily is 2 hours. The number of people who are using smartphones worldwide has already crossed 1 billion mark. Hence this trend by which people these days spend more time on mobile phones than on PCs is good thing for businesses. You just have to change your marketing plan to match this new trend. If your business has a mobile app then your business will be available and visible to so many people around the world. They will see your image, name and logo all the time whenever they will open their mobile phone and see your app in the mobile while scrolling. There will also be high chances of reading of your notifications which are sent by you through the app. If you have products or services, you can use your mobile app to sell them as users can buy them from the comfort of their home or offices using mobile apps. Hence having a mobile app will not only increase visibility but it will also boost your business.
  • Provide Value to Your Customers: If you have a loyalty program then you can make it digital by using a mobile app. You can send the appropriate messages to their smartphones as more people are now using their smartphones than ever before. Customers are always interested in valuable products and services. A mobile app can bring them more closer to your business. When clients are near your area then you can send notifications inviting them to your store’s physical location and offer them special offers and discounts. You can also send a thank you notification to your customers after they make a purchase.
  • Build Brand Recognition:  If you go for Mobile App Development to build your app then it will also build your brand. Whether your business is new or old one, you can enhance its brand recognition using a mobile app. You just have to create an app having all the required features and it will be liked by your customers. You have to find ways to make your clients to get more involve in your app. More they will interact with the app, more they will like your products and services offered via the mobile apps. A famous rule in advertising says that if the customers see the brand more than 20 times then it is highly noticed. The users can also share your communication with their friends as they want to inform their friends about a great service or product which they have liked. research says referrals and getting new clients by this way are the most valuable marketing strategies in the market.
  • Increase Customer Engagement:  Most of the clients look for ways to reach the business which sells a product or service which they like. If you are not reachable then you will lose the customers. A mobile app is available all the time. You can also create a help desk in the mobile app where people can post their queries, comments and issues. If you can make arrangements to reply to all of their messages then your customer engagement will be appreciated greatly. You should also make the booking or ordering process simple and secure as people don’t like lengthy process.
  • Get Ahead Of Your Competitors:  There is no denying the fact that a mobile app can help you in getting ahead of your competitors in the market if you really take full advantage of this highly effective communication and marketing tool. If you start and launch your app now then by the time your competitors will realize the benefit of having a mobile app, you will be dominating the market by grabbing huge market share. Using your mobile app, your clients will be able to see your products and services by just a tap of a button. You can get more benefits from mobile apps as they are fast, easy and simple to use. These benefits can easily increase the customer engagement and loyalty.
We have just discussed the top reasons why your business needs a mobile app in 2018. In coming years, it will become even more important. You should start with an attractive, highly feature rich and functional mobile app. After attracting new customers, make them realize that it will be highly beneficial for them to download and use your app in their mobile devices. Use the app to create more opportunities for the customers. Also create more engagement by getting user reviews and interactions. Slowly your brand loyalty will be built. After that you can even reach to deliver personalized shopping experience to your mobile app users. Looking at so many benefits, developing a mobile app for any business is the most important step which they can take now in 2018. Not only it will attract more potential customers, make your customers loyal, build your brand but it will also be the most valued asset your business has. It will make a strong bond with your customers and will lead to huge sales of your products and services through the mobile app.

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