Makers and Professionals
During the last years I've seen many debates between "makers" and "professionals".Makers proclaim their contribution to innovation. They claim that "learning by doing" and not having a lot of formal education on a specific subject may allow them to have a more open minded approach to problems. They are able to create solutions that people used to think in a more "formal" way can't elaborate, because it breaks too many rules.On the other side professionals state that they design and build (in two ......
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Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!
I’m to lazy to write e-mails , so I use this blog post to wish to all my friend a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2011! Greetings also from Lorenzo ......
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So long and thanks for all the fish
I borrow this quotation from Douglas Adams to thank Fortech for the last great 15 years of working experience. I started by writing ms-dos applications, moved to Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and almost all the embedded and non embedded "Windows something" operating systems. Here I learnt the difference between being able to write some code and being able to write a piece of Software that is reliable and usable. Now I decided to begin a new experience as a self-employed "Embedded Software Craftsman" and ......
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Welcome Lorenzo!
My first son Lorenzo is born on the 14th of July 2010 (something revolutionary about this date?). If my blog updates and forum posts will be reduced or will have very strange (and late!) timestamps, now you know why ......
Posted On Thursday, July 15, 2010 12:46 AM | Comments (5)
Windows Embedded Compact 7 in Padua
Yesterday I did a presentation about Windows CE at the University of Padua Even if the picture seems to suggest that I just showed and empty slide, I illustrated the new features of the OS and did a quick demo of Silverlight for Windows Embedded on Windows Embedded Compact 7 (I’ve to get used to this new name), showing the new tools that provide a better integration between Expression Blend and Visual Studio for the development of Silverlight applications (I hope to be able to write more on this ......
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MVP Summit 2010
As a "freshman" MVP I had a chance to attend the MVP global summit in Bellevue (WA). It was a great chance to meet the people working on Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard, discover something about the features of the new releases (I can't provide more details since that information is under NDA) and meet in person some of the MVPs that I knew from their blogs, newsgroup posts and books, having a chance to connect a face to a name and learn something more from them. Knowing some of the most ......
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Today I got an e-mail with congratulations for my MVP 2009 award. It may be an April fool's day joke... but if it's a joke who made it took great care in creating a fake web site with lots of contents an interesting things. I'm very happy and proud of that recognition of the work I did replying to questions on newsgroups, talking at conferences and also writing on this blog and I should thank all the people who helped me with replies to my questions or corrections to my replies, support and friendliness. ......
Posted On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 9:56 PM | Comments (2)
Windows Embedded Seminars in Rome
I'll be attending the Windows Embedded seminar in Rome this week (25-26th of February). If you want to learn something new about Windows Embedded technologies and have a chance to test the tools during hands-on labs, this two days seminar is a very good opportunity. If you want to attend the seminar you can still register at this page: http://www.microsoftembedde... As you can see from the agenda I'll talk about Windows CE (showing some cool demos) on the first ......
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About me and this blog
Ciao, I'm Valter Minute, I'm a software developer working for Fortech Embedded Labs (, in Saronno, Italy. I'm Italian, and this should explain my poor english and excuse it, I hope. I was born in 1973 and I work on Windows CE since the beginning of this century (sounds like a lot of time written in this way). I started developing application on version 2.12 of the OS and then moved to BSP, drivers and other low-level stuff from version 3.0 on. I try to provide some helpful ......
Posted On Wednesday, January 14, 2009 1:05 PM | Comments (1)
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