The Times They Are a-Changin'

As you may know, in the past 3 years I’ve been working as a consultant and collaborating with Adeneo Embedded. 
Today (October 1st) I begun a new experience at Toradex (, in Horw, Switzerland.

Those 3 years have been wonderful, and working with Adeneo was a great opportunity to meet great people (and I’m not talking just about their technical skills) and work on many different projects for a very dynamic company. I would like to thank Yannick and all the other people for the support they provided me. I felt part of the company even if I was working from a different country and I wish them all the great results they deserve. I also had a chance to work as an independent consultant for many different Italian companies, and see how great products are developed in different industrial fields even if people may associate Italy with just good food and cool clothes. I hope to have a chance to collaborate with many of those people in my new role.

Toradex offered me a new and different challenge, and I decided to take it. It’s my first time working for a company that develops hardware and software. I like the idea of being involved directly in a “product” (in many products for many years, I hope!) and to work for a company that, even if the end product is sold as hardware, has a very tight focus on software and to make the end-customer experience as simple as possible by providing a reliable OS, libraries, tools, documentation. Building a system and not just assemble some chips and try to make some code run on top of them.

I like the fact that when they described me the technical organization they made no distinction between the software developers and the hardware designers. So many times I hear people considering hardware and software as distinct things and not as complementary parts of a finished product. I’ll have to learn lots of new things (maybe also a new language), improve my skills and understand how to work in a different environment, but challenges are better than boring routine!

Closing my consulting activity, trying to finish all the open projects, fix all the bugs (at least the know ones!) etc. lead to a totally crazy schedule in the last weeks, now I hope to come back to a just plain crazy schedule and have some time to update this blog with some interesting news about my new job (still related do Windows Embedded and low-level BSP and driver stuff) and my new company.

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# re: The Times They Are a-Changin'
10/1/2013 8:22 AM
your help has always been unique!

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