June 2011 Entries
Events, events and more events… (and some trainings too!)

Sorry for not having been active on this blog (and forums) lately, I’ve been very busy with my new activity as a self-employee, but now I reached an agreement with my boss (myself) and I’ll try to post more regular updates here.


If you want to discover something about the latest releases of Windows Embedded operating systems you’ll have many chances in the upcoming weeks.

Connect with Windows Embedded

The “Connect with Windows Embedded” event at MS-Italy headquarters in Milan will provide a good chance to meet me (I’ll be doing the Windows Embedded Compact 7 Hands On Lab and a brief Compact 7 presentation during the morning) and to discover the new features of Compact 7 and Standard 7 SP1, seeing those operating systems running on cool devices (many of them provided by Adeneo-Embedded).

You can register here:

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Workshop

On June 14th and 16th I’ll be in Leipzig and Stuttgart for a one day workshop on Windows Embedded Compact 7 on Freescale’s i.MX53 platforms. This workshop will give to the attendees a chance to experience the Compact 7 development tools on one of the most interesting chips around.

My session will be in english (sorry for my German friends… I promise I’ll try to learn some German for the next time!):

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Training

If you want to start your Windows Embedded Compact 7 project in a good way, the best option is to attend the Windows Embedded Compact 7 training that Adeneo Embedded has organized in Bologna:

This will give you also a good chance to taste “Spaghetti alla Bolognese” in their hometown!

The 3+1 days training will give you an overview of the operating systems and deep knowledge of the tools, the driver model and some of the new features of Compact 7. Those 4 days of training will save you a lot of development (and debugging) time!

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