September 2009 Entries
Windows Embedded support the Italian way

The new Italian Windows Embedded support forum is now active:
Here Italian speaking users of the different Windows Embedded platforms can discuss, post their questions and, hopefully, receive good answers in their own mother tongue (and also my own mother tongue, as you can understand from the poor english of this blog!).
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Windows Embedded CE SR3
Dutch cheese in Alkmaar
Windows CE SR3 has been announced today at ESC in Boston:
This new "service release" will include many new features, mostly focused around the user experience, providing more applications and better tools to develop them.
One of the most exciting new features is Silverlight for Windows Embedded:
it's an implementation of Silverlight on embedded devices.
Now I'll be able to understand the cool Silverlight blogs of Corrado ( and Andrea ( and, maybe, learn from them how to use the new tools to provide a great UI on embedded devices. I hope to be able to show some cool samples of this technology soon.
I'll discuss about the other new features of R3 in the next days, now I'm going to finish my demos for tomorrow conference:
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Salmone svuotafrigo
This is a recipe that I carefully planned and designed after checking the contents of my fridge after a three weeks holiday in California.
I found some salmon at the local supermarket and I had to decide how to cook it. Olives and leeks seems the only things still edible inside my fridge.
The result tasted quite good, but my perception could have been impacted by the jet-lag... so handle this recipe carefully!

- salmon (one large filet serves two people)
- leeks (200 g)
- olive oil (three table spoons)
- green olives (100 g)
- apple cider (one glass)

Drop the olive oil in a pan and heat it.
When the oil is hot, add the leeks cutted in small pieces and the olives cutted in slices.
Let them cook in the oil for a couple of minutes and then add the cider.
Reduce the heat and add the salmon cut in 2cm thick pieces and with no skin.
Cover the pan with its own cover and let the salmon cook slowly, turning it after 5 minutes and let it cook for another 10 minutes at least. Open the pan and rise the fire under it to reduce the sauce. Serve the salmon pieces covered with leeks and olives and enjoy.
If you don't like the taste... try it again after some serious jet-lagging!
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Design with Freescale event
If you want to meet me in person an, maybe, learn something new about Windows Embedded CE 6.0, you can attend the "Design with Freescale" event in Milan on the 23rd of semptember.
You can discover all Freescale's solutions for embedded devices, see some cool hardware running Windows CE and other embedded operating systems and find many experts to discuss your new designs.

You can find more information about the event here: (italian)
Posted On Monday, September 7, 2009 6:23 AM | Comments (0)
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