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8bitnesI’m a gamer.

When I started out, I had the classic Nintendo and thought it was awesome. That eventually evolved into a Super Nintendo, and with that I would say I became a gamer.

Back then, the web wasn’t much of anything yet. The Internet wasn’t a household item, never mind high-speed Internet. When it came to gaming. The PC did it’s best when it came to games, but web really didn’t have much going on. Even when Flash games became a thing, there really wasn’t much to talk about except for the ads that polluted the website with the game.

But that was then, and this is now.

Web-Based Gaming 2.0 – Facebook

Yes. Facebook changed gaming.

facebookSocial media changed the web as a whole. Web-based gaming, on the other hand, was changed by Facebook. With Facebook games, every game became social and something of a massive multiplayer online game on its own. But, the best of them were still Flash-based. Not that there is anything wrong with Flash, but when it comes to plugins, it seems as though people prefer to avoid them if at all possible. I know I do.

Web-Based Gaming 3.0 – HTML 5

HTML5_Badge_256With the emergence of HTML5, there have been a slew of new game developers popping up everywhere releasing games that work with the canvas tag. And you know what? They are pretty awesome.

With features like web storage, web sockets, mobile device support, and online-offline detection, HTML5 is bringing a set of standards for new wave of web based games. HTML5 in combination with social media might prove to create a very powerful game development platform?


Fair enough, but you really shouldn’t be.

Here is something that might show you that HTML5 is changing things. Disney has made the bet that HTML5 will give them the ability to go independent from the app stores. So, maybe you don’t believe it, but being able release games without the need for the app stores is pretty huge.

Simplified, it’s 20% more profit as the app stores will stop taking their cut, but it also means you control everything about your game. Everything. And that is worth a lot.


So, maybe you missed out on Rocket Pack, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in the game now.

I mentioned this before, but Microsoft is doing the DevUnplugged contest that will give you the chance to build your own HTML5 based Hellboy game.

If you win, you get money and fame. No biggie.

Seriously though, if you are thinking about HTML5 game development, take a look around and you’ll see some cool stuff. I’ll post more about it in the next while as am a bit of a sucker for game development.

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