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Internet_Explorer_9The day has finally come: Microsoft has released a web browser that is awesome.

On Monday night, Microsoft officially introduced the world to the latest edition to its product family: Internet Explorer 9. That makes March 14, 2011 (also known as PI day) the official birthday of Microsoft’s rebirth in the world of web browsing. Just like any big event, you take some time to celebrate.

Here are a few things that you can do to celebrate the return of Internet Explorer.

1. Download It

If you’re not a big partier, that’s fine.

The one thing you can do (and definitely should) is download it and give it a shot. Sure, IE may have disappointed you in the past, but believe me when I say they really put the effort in this time. The absolute least you can do is give it a shot to see how it stands up against your favourite browser.

2. Get yourself an HTML5 Shirt

html5-new-logo-w3c-t-shirt-0One of the coolest, if not best parts of IE9 being released is that it officially introduces HTML5 as a fully supported platform from Microsoft. IE9 supports a lot of what is already defined in the HTML5 technical spec, which really demonstrates Microsoft’s support of the new standard.

Since HTML5 is cool on the web, it means that it is cool to wear it too. Head over to and get yourself, or your staff, or your whole family, an HTML5 shirt to show the real world that you are ready for the future of the web.

3. HTML5-ify Something

Okay, so maybe a shirt isn’t enough for you. Maybe you need start using HTML5 for real.

If you have a blog, or a website, or anything out there on the web, celebrate IE9 adding some HTML5 to your site. Whether that is updating old code, adding something new, or just changing your WordPress theme, definitely take a look at what HTML5 can do for you.

4. Help Kill Old IE and Upgrade your Organization

See this? This is sad.

Upgrading web browsers in an large enterprise or organization is not a trivial task. A lot of companies will use the excuse of not having the resources to upgrade legacy web applications they were built for a specific version of IE and it doesn’t render correctly in legacy browsers.

Well, it’s time to stop the excuses.

IE9 allows you to define what version of Internet Explorer you would like it to emulate. It takes minimal effort for the developer, and will get rid of the excuses. Show your IT manager or software development team this link and show them how easy it is to make old code render right in the latest and greatest from the IE team.

5. Submit an Entry for DevUnplugged

So, you’ve made it to number five eh? Well then, you must be pretty hardcore to make it this far down the list. Fine, let’s take it to the next level and build an HTML5 game.

That’s right. A game. Like a video game.

HTML5 introduces some amazing new features that can let you build working video games using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Plus, Microsoft is celebrating the launch of IE9 with a contest where you can submit an HTML5 game (or audio application) and have a chance to win a whack of cash and other prizes.

Head here for the full scoop and rules for the DevUnplugged.

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