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December 2013 Entries

In my previous post I spoke about finding a problem with the Intel UHCI USB driver. In this post I will explain how we found the cause of problem and what tools we used. Already a long time ago I wrote a little tool called ‘SetDbgZone.exe’. What is it and why did I wrote it? Well, sometimes your Windows CE image drivers suffer from intermittent problems that you didn’t encounter when you were developing and testing the driver. Even worse, a bug shows up in a RELEASE build and not in a DEBUG build. ......

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Intel USB Host Controller
When using Intel hardware for your embedded platform, you most likely will include the UHCI (1.1) and/or EHCI (2.0) USB drivers in your Windows CE image. Already some time ago I noticed that when unplugging a USB device (keyboard, mouse, memory stick …) and inserting it again, the UI stalled for a moment while the USB device was inserted again. I also noticed on a particular hardware platform where 2 CAN channels were used, that the CAN communication failed with timeouts of a few 100milliseconds. ......

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