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There is a new open source approach to Ajax architecting. The approach is called Empty Client. The name is derived from the fact that with this approach there is no logic, data or open service on the client and all Ajax calls are routed through a central HTTP/XML pipeline and optimized to a degree never realized on web before. The approach is implemented by Visual WebGui which positions the approach as Windows Over Web and cloud. The approach seems to get traction with Dot.Net developers, which use the approach to extend  ASP.NET and Silverlight. Benchmarks indicate that Empty Client developers experience higher development productivity and enhanced performance sometimes as much as 10X increase in responsiveness. Also, the Empty Client approach is completely secured – an Empty Client front end is unhackable. The approach is being used for scenarios that require high user productivity and highest security level over the web. Common usage scenarios would be finance, HR, Military, government , and such.
The Empty Client approach also allows web or cloud enablement of desktop Windows application. It enables code reuse by XCopy Windows's code into the Empty Client framework and then run it in a browser without any extra work.  
The Empty Client being a free open source can be used to enhance existing ASP.NET third party controls within existing ASP.NET application.
A new "How To" white paper, had been published. It is  targeting web architects and experienced developers. It provides an overview on implementing ASP.NET third party controls with the Empty Client approach and by that enhancing its performance and making it secured by design.  The white paper is available for free download HERE.
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