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August 2013 Entries

App-V 5.0 How to clean up Client cache

Another small and simple script

Import-Module appVclient
$packages = Get-AppvClientPackage
foreach ( $package in $packages)
Remove-AppvClientPackage -PackageId $package.PackageId -VersionId $package.VersionId

App-V 5.0 – How to install App-V client

Today's post will be very short and simple


App-V 5.0 – How to prepare MS Office 2013 for streaming

Why should I migrate to MS Office 2013, what are benefits? In my cease the main reason for it is how easy is to prepare streamed package. Office 2010 this is a topic not for post but for whole blog. For 2013 I need to execute three commands, and modify one simple XML. Download an unpack Office Deployment Tool Copy files from installation ISO into any writable path or \\UNC Update configuration.xml <Configuration> <Add SourcePath="C:\Office2013\S... OfficeClientEdition="32" > <Product ......

XenDesktop 7 – The QFARM /LOAD case

For XenApp admin live without QFARM is like live without right hand. Of course you can obtain required information using the PowerShell, but XenDesktop 7's command line is too long to remember and type. Let's make some sweet alias. Add-PSSnapin citrix.*set-alias qfarm Qfarm-Loadfunction Qfarm-Load {Get-BrokerMachine -SessionSupport MultiSession -Property dnsName,loadIndex,SessionCo... Of course you'll need to update your personal ENV to start this alias automatically ......