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This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. The opinions expressed within are my own and should not be attributed to any other Individual, Company or the one I work for. I just happen to be a classic techie who is passionate about getting things to work as they should do (and are sometimes advertised and marketed as being able to?) and when I can I drop notes here to help others falling in to the same traps that I have fallen in to. If this has helped then please pass it on - if you feel that I have commented in error or disagree then please feel free to discuss with me either publically or privately? Cheers, Dave
Thin Clients, VDI and Linux integration from the front lines.... Raw and sometimes unedited notes based on my experiences with VMware, Thin Clients, Linux etc.

 This is something I'm currently working on and as it's been ongoing for a little while I figured I'd post the problem just in case anyone else might have any ideas??

 So I currently have a Customer who has these issues:

  • They have a mix of WinCE 4.2 and 5.0
  • As they are a Library they want very tight security on the devices
  • They need to give users access to save content to either a USB Stick or a USB Floppy
  • The change in the access mechanism between CE 4.2 and 5.0 has left them with a security issue  
Troubleshooting from today:
I believe that I have the System set up correctly, BUT.... when I try to:
Boot WinCE device
Add USB Stick
Connect to Citrix Server and run Word
Create Word doc
Try to save Word using "Save As"
At this point I can only "see" Desktop or FTP locations      (good)
Under Desktop I can only "see" - V$ on 'Client'(V:)          (good)
I can also view any other files already on the stick         (good)
When I try to save though I get:
Pause of maybe 2 - 3 secs, then Word “cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. (V:\test12.doc)”
The pause almost seems like it's doing a round trip to the Citrix Server and asking it to check on the security before it saves the doc? And something is causing it to fail?
Today I have been on site again and was trying to get more detailed information to this question
What I do need to know is - "How is the Citrix Client Security contolled in a WinCE device running Neoware 8.1.1269 with ICA client 9.04?"
In the past this would appear to have been controlled by either the MODULE.INI or the WEBICA.INI files
Has this changed?
How can I troubleshoot this?
I have run up a CMD from ezRemoteManager and I can browse the \Hard Disk mount point quite easily and simply so this clearly shows me that the USB Stick is OK
How can I now find out what is wrong with the Citrix ICA Client Drive Security?
Any and all assistance gratefully accepted, Dave
Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 5:07 PM Citrix | Back to top

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