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Well - that certainly didn't take too long did it?  ;-))

iPhone hacked for shell access

By Nilay Patel on IphoneHacks


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Well, that didn't take long -- the hacker crew of IRC channel #iPhone has managed to enable shell access to the iPhone just a week after its release. There's not a lot to the hack -- the iPhone's 30-pin dock connector features the same pinouts as the iPod, so creating a serial connection simply involved connecting up a resistor, ground, and RS-232 level converter and running a few commands from iphoneinterface. The resulting shell is pretty basic, but features a TFTP client -- meaning that we should see a flood of attempts to open the iPhone up in the coming weeks (as if we wouldn't anyway).

Read - hackint0sh announcement
Read - iPhone shell command list


iPhoneInterface hack gets you inside the phone

By Joshua Topolsky on iphoneinterface

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Hot on the heels of the activation hack, iPhone enthusiasts from the channels #iphone-talk and #iphone-mac have deepened the cracks in the Apple device's armor by creating an application called iPhoneInterface, a Windows and Mac tool which allows you to manipulate the phone's state, fiddle with launch services, and interact with the iPhone's filesystem. With the new app, you will have the ability to scan the device's file structure, create and remove folders (which should open doors for those not feeling the sync options), and start iPhone services. Plans for a public server are underway, so fasten your seatbelts.

Update - The hack is officially available (Windows only right now) for your ever-lovin' pleasure, so get it here.

[Thanks, Chris V]
Posted on Sunday, July 8, 2007 7:33 PM C500/C600 SmartPhone (or replacement) , Real Cool Stuff , Security | Back to top

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