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WTF Next? Dev ramblings from a master of nothing. Virtual Worlds These posts deal with Second Life, OpenSim, and other virtual world mediums.
Changing OpenSim’s User Database to MSSQL
Here we are at the second week's task for the Manhattan Project: switching the user's database to MSSQL instead of SQLite. I'll be honest, there weren't any valuable resources I found for assistance in the creation of this tutorial. Mostly it was a combination of Try / Fail and guessing based on what I saw in the code for the MSSQL dll in the project. I might say that there weren't resources, but what I mostly mean is no tutorial. There are some .sql files to help get the database started, but that's ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 1, 2008 11:58 PM

Installing and Running OpenSimulator
Now that the Manhattan Project has taken its first few baby steps, I think it would be best if I made a series of tutorials for those who want to keep up with the happenings, but might have lagged behind. This is the first in a large series of tutorials that I (and all those involved) want to have available to help those who have a little trouble getting started. To get some things straight, at least for myself, OpenSim is not a client for Second Life (I swear, this is what I thought before I got ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 1, 2008 11:36 PM

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