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Yesterday morning I took the time to work on a personal project and I wrote some great code. I wrote a class whose purpose was to enumerate the search engines that are installed in Internet Explorer so that I could implement them into a Word Ribbon, allowing you to do searches straight from Word. I got the bulk of the work done, the class was finished, it just wasn't hooked up to the project to produce output yet. I committed my changes because the changes didn't break the build, and I was on my way out to go to the renaissance festival.

Now, I try frantically to find the class and it isn't on my work laptop. The work I've done wasn't in source control because I didn't select all files when committing, and tortoise defaults to not send new files (Is that a setting? I need to check...) The result, a very sad day. I was hoping to get started on finishing the hookup and working to complete the launcher ribbon project. Now, I have to wait until I get home and can check my home laptop. I believe that is where the uncommitted class resides.

Lesson learned. I need to use greater care when committing, and as such I've created these guidelines for myself:

  1. When committing, first think through what you've done since last commit, and the purpose of the new commit.
  2. Actively peruse the updated file list and make sure to include all pertinent files.
  3. Never drunk-dial. Believe me, this applies to committing too.

So, by not being cautious, I can effectively say I've broken my build. Thankfully, I only broke a build on a project where I'm the only worker. However, I actively am tasting the effects of a broken build first hand.


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Posted on Monday, November 24, 2008 1:56 PM Personal | Back to top

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