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Microsoft disgusts me.

Out-of-the-box Asp.NET assumes that Google Chrome and Apple Safari are not "modern" browsers.  In order to make use of some of the Asp.NET web controls with those browsers, you need to modify your web application (or the machine.config and GAC on every server in your web farm).  This is simply inexcusable.  This could have easily been corrected with a patch years ago, yet Microsoft forces all of us web developers using Asp.NET to modify every one of our web applications to work with non-Microsoft browsers.

In any case, the simplest remedy I could find to get my application with <asp:Menu> controls to work with Safari and Chrome (excellent browsers, by the way -- much faster than bulky, slow Internet Explorer 8) is to add a file under the project App_Browsers directory.  I named mine safari.browser with these contents:


    <browser refID="Safari1Plus">
        <adapter controlType="System.Web.UI.WebControls.Menu"
                         adapterType="" />


<span sarcasm="true"> Hey, thanks Microsoft!  That's intuitive. </span>

In any case, this fixes the MS out-of-the-box brain damage and makes menus usable on Safari and Chrome.

By the way, I found the answer today buried in this forum thread from THREE years ago.  (Way to stay on top of things, Microsoft!  Woot, woot!)


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