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I currently work in a very small shop on the right-hand side of the USA. The startup that I work for has three people in the IT department: the CTO, the Head of Development, and me, the programmer guy. 9 people in the company and I'm three people away from the top spot -- not a good sign. So it goes.

Look to this column for hints on how to set up a decent development environment with very little equipment and on a very tight budget. Our first product will be a B2B solution based on BizTalk 2006. The technologies we are using (and therefore, the domain for the hints which may appear here) are:

Although I will strive to focus my comments on technology, I will from time to time take some poetic license to foray into politics, religion, and other social ills. After all, if there are people willing to listen to Hollywood celebrities expound on why U.S. military forces should or should not be in Iraq, how could my comments be any less meaningful?

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