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I recently bought the Samsung i600 SmartPhone. It is very cool, but I must admit I am challenged by what to do with it now that the newness has faded.


It is a passable as just a phone…although it lacks many of the features I would expect in a much cheaper device (distinctive rings for different callers, graphic caller-id, decent headset volume, etc).


Beyond the obvious (email) I tried using it as a portable MP3 device. It wasn’t bad but I couldn’t get enough volume into my Shure earbuds…so I bought a cheap Creative Labs device (under $100) that works great.


I am also embarrassingly challenged by how to manage the device. It runs Windows Mobile 2003, but I there are very few things that are configurable. I can’t specify where to save voice recordings, ring-tones, etc. I have a 1 meg SD ram card that sits empty because I can’t figure out how to make things store there automatically.


Is a user training issue or am I missing something?


Posted on Sunday, June 5, 2005 7:32 AM | Back to top

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