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Well, it has finally happened, I've been convinced to actually start a blog. Although I have been involved in electronic communications since the very early days of "Bulliten Board Services", and participate in many on-line forums to this day, I have hesitated to take this step. Authoring (and maintaining) a blog requires a far higher level of commitment, in order to be truely useful. It also requires a fairly significant sized audience to be worthy of that effort.

Meeting with the founders of at the recent Microsoft MVP Summit in Seatle (April 14-17, 2008) convinced me that this was an environment which could attract sufficient attention to gain that "critical mass".

It is said that "A good place to start is at the beginning" so lets begin...

I have been programming computers since the fall of 1972, originally on a Digitial Equipment Corporation PDP-8 Mini Computer, and later on the various computers that were introduced by companies such as Radio Shack, Commodore, KayPro, Zenith and Heath. In 1977 I was hired by Defense Sub-Contractor ILC Data Device Corporation (Bohemia, NY) to assist in the development of automated test equipment, and later embedded military computer system.

In 1984, I (along with James Tremel) formed Dynamic Concepts (later transformed into Dynamic Concepts Development Corp.) to provide custom software for business in the then emerging "personal computer" market. In the nearly quarter of a century that has passed and across the vast changes in technology, the mission has remained the same, providing robust, cost effective soltuions that met continually expanding requirements.

Hopefully this blog will provide a public forum for sharing some of the lessons that are only born of "real world" experience. My goal is to filter the "Information Overload" that is pervasive, down to specific items that can be directly applied to deliverable business applications.

Much of the technology used here will be Microsoft .NET based, but the general concepts will hopefully apply to a much wider audience.

I am actively looking for feedback and comments about the items which you, the reader find most helpful, as well as general suggestions for topics.

And so the Journey Begins.....

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Great to have you as part of the community. Hopefully you'll find blogging as enjoyable and rewarding as others do. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to say.
Left by Jerod Crump on Apr 22, 2008 9:59 AM

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