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This is officially my first day of being unemployed.

I was off half of Monday and all of yesterday, but my pay ran through the end of August.

I added the graphic on the right to my blog last night. I had a ‘bar napkin’ on there with a nice glass ring, but Shawn Wildermuth suggested it looked like a condom (in the wrapper). I suppose sized down it did, so I changed to this.

Monday was nice with all the notes from everyone, and yesterday started off good with a couple phone interviews. Have not gotten emails back, so maybe those didn’t go well or maybe I’m anxious … ya think?

I’ve got a sign I had in my cubicle: “This ain’t my first rodeo” … and yeah this ain’t the first time I’ve been laid off. The 3rd actually. These guys were really good at wanting me to use my PTO (Paid Time Off) for their deficiencies, so I’d decided ahead of time that if they intended for me to use PTO in any manner during the ‘bridge’ to something else, I was going to just take my vacation time and go. And about 10 minutes after telling them that decision I was gone. All I saw was my boss.. no HR exit, no security debrief (I have a clearance), just give him the badge, shake his hand and go. So that’s done.


There are some plusses to not working…

  • I can wear shorts and TShirts instead of slacks and polo shirts.
  • I save about $12 per day in gas alone, so I’m $24 ahead already!
  • I can watch training videos and read books to try to be able to answer the questions I’m always asked in interviews
  • The refrigerator is close
  • The bathroom is close
  • “no shoes/no service” does not apply


  • The whole “you have to work to get paid” thing
  • Getting up and getting showered and dressed and then remember you’re not going anywhere
  • Purpose

I’m one of those guys that left to my own, I would build up a huge vacation bank. I’ve worked all my life and enjoy what I do, so I’m somewhat out of sorts when I’m not.

So Far

So far I’ve done 4 units of training on Unit Testing, 1 on MVVM, and 1 on EF.

Plus I’ve put out a SC post, checked my email, fed the dog, checked my email, watered the backyard, checked my email… wash, rinse, repeat.

Back to training and checking email…

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