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And yes before anyone asks, Hate is a strong word, I know.

I'm ok with the HIPPA rules, and although it frustrates me that, although I'm married to my wife, I cannot verify a payment made on her account but I suppose I understand it... it doesn't stop me from complaining, but I understand.

So in this day of all the hoo-ha about health care and all the records being locked down tighter than an accountants ass... yesterday I get a letter from United Health Care. Oh, to be specific, my wife got a letter from them. I opened it... take THAT HIPPA!

The letter informed me that a portable disk drive with unencrypted medical information was stolen from their facility in April.

OK Houston we have a problem here... Portable drive, unencrypted data, and it's been missing since April? How many ways can they fail?

They nickel and dime me to no end ... their formulary could be printed on the back of their business card (ok, so that's the plan my 'company' provides me with, but still...) ... some things it's cheaper to buy at Target's rate than to invoke the insurance (go figure on THAT one), and now and again I STILL buy drugs from Canada. And with all that said, THEY ALLOW SOMEONE TO WALK OUT WITH A FREAKIN' HARD DISK? WTF, are the inmates running that asylum or what?

Ok, I took my finger off the shift key... happy? ... to be honest, they are paying for some identity theft protection service. Wonder how many people got ripped from April to December? And, if it's missing, how do they know what's on it, and why didn't I get a letter as well?

I know, I know... at least I have insurance ... does that mean I have to put my identity and financial security at risk for it? I mean our illustrious leader is probably going to spend my financial security anyway, but let's not give it away to the A-Hole that stole the disk... or the person he sold it to.

Color me...


Posted on Friday, December 11, 2009 11:39 AM Rants | Back to top

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