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I firmly believe the future of home entertainment is “on demand” programming.  Most people I know have DVRs and rarely do they watch a TV show at the time it’s actually on.  I’m one of them, although my viewing habits are dictated by having a small child in the house who doesn’t need to see gore and violence.  I have to wait until she’s in bed to watch Heroes, Sanctuary, and others.  But I digress a bit.  he point is that when a movie or tv show is scheduled to be shown is less important to my viewing habits than it was five years ago.  I just set my DVR to record, and watch it when I get a chance.

When Netflix started its Watch Instantly functionality, I had a feeling that this was the future of movie watching at home.  No more waiting for the DVD to arrive, just instant satisfaction.  However, my biggest problem with Watch Instantly was its reliance on the Windows Media Player plugin.  At the time I was running Linux on my PC in my office, so I was completely cut out of the loop.  While I didn’t want a flash plugin, –something-would have been nice. 

So, color me all sorts of happy when it was announced this weekend that the next version of the Netflix player will be in Silverlight and should be out by next year.  That means folks on the “I’m a Mac” side of the fence get Netflix Watch Instantly now.  It also means there is a good chance that Linux folks may get access via the Moonlight plugin (non-supported of course).  While I’m no longer on a Linux box, the fact that Netflix is listening to what the customers want is great.  Couple that with the fact that for the first time I can remember we have a situation where Microsoft’s technology is actually ENABLING cross platform support instead of lock-in makes this a pretty nifty bit of news indeed.

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